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Amazon mobile search bookmarklet

I’ve found a lot of useful bookmarklets to use with MobileSafari, but so far the Amazon search bookmarklets that I’ve seen use the full desktop version of Amazon has a pretty slick iPhone-formatted site, so I modified an existing Amazon search bookmarklet (@ LifeClever, via Lifehacker) to search their mobile site: 


( doesn’t allow embedding JavaScript for security reasons, so you’ll have to copy & paste the above into a bookmark in Safari on your desktop before you’ll be able to use it in MobileSafari.)

I know there’s a native iPhone Amazon app (iTunes link), but without an always-on data connection and camera, the app isn’t as useful for iPod touch users. As a member of the latter camp who hasn’t found a real reason to download the app yet, this bookmarklet should make searching for and buying crap I don’t need even easier.


Here We Go Again

Hello, Internet: I present you with Yet One More Blog™. (The word “blog” still sort of makes me grit my teeth, but I’m learning to live with it.)

I’m not entirely sure what possesses me to start another blog — the ol’ LiveJournal is still there collecting dust (which despite it looking like a duck and quacking like a duck, I never thought of it as a blog until now), Google Reader more or less suffices for sharing and commenting on bite-sized pieces of the interwebs, and my Flickr seems to be serving well enough as a never-ending Frame352 volume 4. Maybe it’s a desire to share with the world my affinity for overly long and unweildy sentences which use far too many commas, em dashes, and parenthetical asides. Or maybe not.

While I spend some quality time mulling that one over, feel free to command-D this sucker or drop its feed into your reader.


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