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Three reasons

Of the many and varied reasons to tell Facebook to take a flying leap, three stand out to me.

  1. There is an inherent duplicity in providing a service that purports to be about facilitating communication, but in reality exists primarily to serve as many eyeballs as possible to advertisers. While there can be some value in such a service (though the long-term benefits are dubious; see #2), without honesty it’s ethically bankrupt. Tape Op magazine is an example of how to handle both needs with respect: you can subscribe for free on the condition that your name will occasionally be sold to relevant advertisers, or you can pony up with cash. With both options, you know exactly where you stand, what you’re getting, what you’re paying with, and who benefits financially.
  2. It can be easy to dismiss concerns about the future of technology as the missives of technophile pedants. But it ought to give one pause to think that, with many touting Facebook as the next generation of electronic communication, we’re collectively granting a single, for-profit corporation carte blanche to set the course.
  3. Sitting with a glass of Scotch at a typewriter: classy. Doing the same while mucking about on Facebook: sad.


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